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PTFE Petri Dish

Petri Dishes are alternately known as Petri places or cell-culture dishes. These are shallow cylindrical glass or plastic lidded dishes that biologists use to culture cells – such as bacteria – or small mosses. These dishes are made of high-quality PTFE material.

PTFE Petri dishes represent a high-quality type of labware that is inert, as all items are manufactured from pure virgin PTFE and can be used to a temperature of approximately 280°C (536°F). The finish is very smooth to minimize the chances of anything “sticking” to them.

PTFE Petri Dish


Part. No. Bottom DishTop Lid Height
1113635 mm39 mm 15 mm
11137 50 mm 54 mm17 mm
1113880 mm85 mm 17 mm
11139100 mm105 mm17 mm
11140110 mm 115 mm17 mm
11141125 mm130 mm17 mm
11142150 mm155 mm18 mm
11143175 mm180 mm 18 mm
11144200 mm205 mm20 mm
11145250 mm 255 mm 20 mm
11146300 mm 305 mm 20 mm
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