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Bubble Trap

Bubble traps are an essential part of the pharmaceutical-, food, and chemical industries and are responsible for the extraction of gasses from liquid streams, they could also act as a pulsation damper. Bubble traps are available from lab scale 1L to 20L. All of the materials come with the proper certificates for use in pharmaceutical and food environments.
Bubble Traps are used to remove process gases in pharmaceutical and process applications. The design of our bubble trap has been carefully developed with a minimum number of crevices to help prevent the build-up of bacteria. In addition, when installed in an upright position, the angled surfaces of our bubble trap encourage self-draining, making it easier to wash down the unit and ensure hygiene standards are maintained.
All threads are self-enclosed for easy wipe down, whilst shouldered tie rods ensure correct O-ring compression, making reassembly and maintenance simple. In addition, all welds are removed, smoothed and polished to reduce areas where bacteria can accumulate and facilitate easy cleaning.

  • All Products are manufactured from food/pharmaceutical grade 316L Stainless
  • Optional Hastelloy materials available
  • Sanitary Tri-Clamp Connections or optional flanged or threaded ports
  • Food Grade EPDM, Viton, Silicone or Teflon, optional
  • Glass or Acrylic is available for In-Line Sight glasses.
  • High Polish 15-20 Ra Electropolish (Optional) Finish with Certification
Bubble Trap

Bubble Traps

Part No Dia. InchesPortsPort Sizes. InchesOperating Pressure BarMoc
24131421/2 | 3/4Glass 6.0 | Acrylic 7.0SS 316 L
24132431/2 | 3/4 Glass 6.0 | Acrylic 7.0SS 316 L
24133623/4 | 1.0 Glass 5.5 | Acrylic 6.0SS 316 L
24134633/4 | 1.0 Glass 5.5 | Acrylic 6.0SS 316 L
24135821.0| 2.0 Glass 5.0 | Acrylic 5.0 SS 316 L
24136831.0| 2.0 Glass 5.0 | Acrylic 5.0 SS 316 L
241371021.5| 2.0 Glass 3.5 | Acrylic 4.0 SS 316 L
241381031.5| 2.0 Glass 3.5 | Acrylic 4.0 SS 316 L

For Lid Controls, Base Inlets and Outlets are fitted with Try Clamps Ferrules.  Clamps may fitted with (Optional) 1/2 | 3/4 | 1.1/2 | 2.0 inches ports on request.

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