|  Franz Diffusions

Generally, Franz Cells are used in the development of transdermal applications. Side-Bi-Side Cells are used when permeation through membranes inside the body are studied. In-Line Cells are primarily used in transdermal research. Any of these cells may be used for other applications if careful consideration is given to the study design.
We manufacture Franz Cells with 5 ml, 8 ml, 10 ml, 12 ml, 15 ml, 20 ml, 25 ml, 30 ml.
5 ml Franz Cells are often used for studying permeation into and through mucosal tissues. Bigger cells may be used if tissue specimens large enough to be properly used in those cells are available.

8 ml is the orifice diameter most used when working with human skin. Other sizes may be used if desired. Important considerations in cell selection when using human tissues are the availability and cost of the tissues, regulatory requirements, and biohazardous material concerns.
15 ml Franz Cells are commonly used with polymer membranes and artificial membranes.  Also, the outer diameter of a 15 ml flat ground joint is about 28mm so the edge of the membrane is neatly inside the joint.
When using a Franz Cell there may be evaporation of fluid from either chamber out through the side of the joint. It is recommended to wrap the joint of an assembled Franz Cell with parafilm to help prevent evaporation. The end of the sampling arm should also be covered using three layers of parafilm.

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315832 Glass Diffusion Cell 5 ml Yes Yes
315833 Glass Diffusion Cell 8 ml Yes Yes
315834 Glass Diffusion Cell 10 ml Yes Yes
315835 Glass Diffusion Cell 12 ml Yes Yes
315836 Glass Diffusion Cell 15 ml Yes Yes
315837 Glass Diffusion Cell 20 ml Yes Yes
315838 Glass Diffusion Cell 25 ml Yes Yes
315839 Glass Diffusion Cell 30 ml Yes Yes

We produce both standard and customized Franz diffusion cells with variations in width, depth, height and volume.