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It is used for manual determination at all-levels for temperature of bulk petroleum products and other liquid chemicals in storage tanks.

A schematic diagram of typical Flushing-Case Thermometer is given in the drawing below. The Case consist of a cylindrical chamber of at least 200ml capacity, and a protecting tube for the thermometer, rigidly attached (Thread Contact) to the chamber. The Case and tube are not made of Aluminium or its alloys but is made of 304 Stainless Steel and Brass. The thermometer is attached to the case so that the bottom of the bulb is approximately 25mm above the bottom of the case.

The chamber is made of a suitable insulating material (Stainless Steel and Brass) which is fully resistant to petroleum products. It has a quick-acting closure at the top and bottom which in an open position, will assure a free path for liquid flow through the chamber and across the thermometer bulb. In the closed position, the closures assure the retention of a full chamber of liquid.

The apparatus is designed so that the closures can be operated by a jerk of the suspension cord or by some other suitable remote control. The device is of such material and construction that not more than the specified flushing time will be required for determination of the temperature of any petroleum oil.

Thermometer for Flushing Cases: Because the thermometer stem is not immersed in the oil when readings are being taken, the thermometer used shall be calibrated for partial immersion.

Includes: Fuel Oil Temperature Measuring Kit of Liquid Petroleum and Other Chemicals Product, Brass Material No-Spark Tanker Temperature Test Tool, Surface Temperature Measure Apparatus, Quick-Closing Top and Bottom Flushing Case Thermometer.

Part No   Material Cable
  Length Capacity Thermometer Weight    
76981 600mm 30 ml 0°c to 300°c 1.26 kg SS 316 | Brass Nylon 6 mm |  SS 6 mm | 20 mtrs
76982 600mm 50 ml 0°c to 300°c 1.35 kg SS 316 | Brass Nylon 6 mm |  SS 6 mm | 20 mtrs
76983 600 mm 100 ml 0°c to300°c 1.49 kg SS 316 | Brass Nylon 6 mm |  SS 6 mm | 20 mtrs