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PTFE Funnel apply to chemical industry, petrochemical industry, biochemical, and pharmaceutical industries, and laboratories and educational institutions.

PTFE laboratory funnels are for use under the most adverse conditions. Their chemical resistance can be thought of as being nearly “total” since there are so few compounds that will attack the PTFE used in the production of these funnels. And unlike glass, there is nothing that can leach out and cause contamination, since only ultra-pure materials are passed through the funnel. And just as the “non-stick” properties of PTFE are well known when applied to a cooking utensil, similarly, nothing sticks to the very smooth walls of the PTFE funnels.

Part No Teflon Funnel  
  Outer Dia Total Height Stem Dia
22287 30 mm 50 mm 8 mm
22288 52 mm 93 mm 11 mm
22289 80 mm 122 mm 14 mm
22290 100 mm 151 mm 17 mm
22291 125 mm 180 mm 18 mm
22292 164 mm 200 mm 21 mm
22293 200 mm 265 mm 22 mm

PTFE / Teflon Funnels Key Features

  1. Resistant to high temperatures and virtually all laboratory chemicals, including strong acids, strong alkalis, aqua regia and organic solvents
  2. Machine-finished surface for easy cleaning, and pure white appearance and  to eliminate contamination and ease cleaning
  3. Compatible with cryo temperatures to moderate heating -196°C to 250°C (-321 to 482°F)