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This implement is used for taking designated locational samples of drug powder, small particles or small crystalline chemical products. The sampling probe is composed of a stainless steel outer tube, a connecting inner rod and quantitative sampling modules. Its specifications are optional and removable. It is extensively used throughout the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries around the world. The SS Uno Sampler is suitable for sampling free flowing powders and granules. A range of tips (Sampling Module) are also available so that a single sampler can be used to accurately sample a range of different volumes. The sampler is easy to use. Simply push the sampler into the powder and push down on the handle to take the sample. The body can then be moved to close in the sampler. Remove the sampler and empty the tip.

Part No. Material
  Outertube Dia Total Length Volume of Tips  
10562 22 mm 600 mm 0.25 ml | 0.50 ml | 0.75 ml  SS 316 | 316 L
10563 22 mm 1000 mm 0.50 ml | 0.75 ml | 1.00 ml  SS 316 | 316 L
10564 22 mm 1500 mm 0.75 ml | 1.00 ml | 1.50 ml  SS 316 | 316 L
10565 25 mm 2000 mm 1.00 ml | 1.50 ml | 2.00 ml  SS 316 | 316 L