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Taking swabs from high and difficult to reach places is a consistent problem. The TeleSwab with its extendable handle overcomes these problems and allows operators to quickly and easily take swabs from previously inaccessible places. Ideal for environmental swabbing and for use with large items of processing equipment, the sampler comes complete with an extendable handle that can be extended to the correct length for easy swabbing. An adjustable adapter allows the swabs etc. to be angled to meet the contours of the item being sampled.

The TeleSwab is ideal for swabbing difficult to reach locations. If one is sampling a dry surface, it is recommended that a wet or moistened swab is used. The swab test method has proved to be a popular testing method with flood damage insurance claims, where there may be sewage contamination. If swab samples are collected for culture analysis, they should be sent to the laboratory within 24 hours after collection. If the analysis of the swab samples involves enumeration of the microbial contaminants, the size of the area sampled should be provided to the lab.

Part No.
  Swab Sampler Min Length Max Length No.of Section   Weight
73954 Aluminium Handle 900 mm 3000 mm 5   900 gms
73955 Teflon Swab Locator 400 mm 50 mm l   300 gms
73956 SS 316L Swab Holder 75 mm 100 mm 2   100 gms
73957 SS 316 Telescopic Handle  900 mm 3000 mm 5   2000 gms
Sample locator made with Teflon and size will be 200 mm square with location  min 50 mm max 100 mm