|  Oxygen Combustion Flask

This is an Oxygen Combustion Flask of borosilicate glass, with Standard Taper 40/45 socket mouth; without stopper or sample carrier.
The Platinum Basket Sample Carrier has a perforated platinum mesh and features a 15 mm round and 10 mm height basket on its lower end that takes the paper wrapped sample. The stopper fits the 250 ml / 500 ml / 1000 ml flask with the glass hook tip on the lower end; platinum sample carrier included. Black Paper Sample Wrappers absorb heat quickly for infrared ignition and die-cut from un sized paper. The sample area is 15 mm x10 mm, with an 60 mm extending strip as fuse for ignition.
The procedure converts organic materials into soluble combustion products, which are then analyzed for chlorine, bromine, iodine, fluorine and sulphur by inorganic, gravimetric or volumetric methods.
The combustion products are free from metallic contaminants. This heavy-wall conical flask, of borosilicate glass, has a deep bell-shaped flaring lip. Its elongated ground glass stopper has an attached U-shape platinum wire gauze sample carrier. Specially cut, un sized paper sheets serve as low ash wrappers for the sample.

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Part.no Cap Platinum Sample Holder Sampler Holder Length
13880 250 ml Basket Holder 60 | 80 mm
13881 500 ml Basket Holder 60 | 80 mm
13882 1000 ml Basket Holder 60 | 80 mm
13883 250 ml Flat Holder 60 | 80 mm
13884 500 ml Flat Holder 60 | 80 mm
13885 1000 ml Flat Holder 60 | 80 mm