|  Niskin Sampler

The Van Dorn Bottle allows samples to be taken at different depths of water. The horizontal design of the bottle makes it ideal for sampling in stratified waters or areas with predominant currents.

It consists of a transparent tube with plugs at either end, connected by a latex band. The plugs are kept open during the descent, which facilitates the passage of water. Each plug has a tap so the sample can be retrieved.
Manufactured in 5 sizes, according the sampling volume its inside is free of metallic objects in order to maintain the conditions of the sample.

Intended for shallow or deep waters, these bottles are called “horizontal” because they descend horizontally, parallel to the bottom and are pulled sideways about one meter before closing. This ensures a representative water sample for specific depths. They are ideal for sampling of narrow stratification layers, especially at the thermocline, or just above the bottom sediments. These popular and versatile bottles come in transparent acrylic which allows you to view the bottle contents immediately.

  Capacity Dia x Len Nylone Rope Messenger SS / Brass
08452 2.5 lit  140 x 600 mm 20 mtr 500 gms
08453 5.0 lit   192 x 450 mm 20 mtr 1000 gms
08454 8.0 lit 192 x 711 mm 20 mtr 1000 gms
08455 10  lit  192 x 863 mm 20 mtr 1000 gms
08456 12 lit  192 x 990 mm 20 mtr 1000 gms

Moc : Acrylic body, Teflon rings , Teflon Closures and SS 316 Fittings.

We produce both standard and customized Niskin water sampler with variations in dia, length, material  and volume.