|  Hess Sampler

Similar to surbers but suitable for gravel and cobble bottoms, sporting a cylindrical body with enclosed sides and an open top, it has two strong reversible handles for forcibly pushing and rotating the cylinder into stream bottoms. The sampler penetrates 3 – 6” (75 – 150 mm). Once in place, scrub the pebbles inside so the specimens are carried by the current into the net. Water flows in through the upstream window and out of the downstream window into the collecting net and bucket.

It is possible to carry out point sampling of liquids of varying viscosity with this stainless-steel Liquid Cup Sampler. Media-containing particles can also be sampled without difficulty.

As referenced in Standard Methods, Hess-type stream samplers are intended for sampling macrobenthos in shallow, flowing waters. They are cylindrical with enclosed sides and an open top. They function similarly to the surber-type samplers but are capable of sampling gravel and small cobble bottoms.

How to Maintain:

  1. When sampling is completed, rinse the sampler thoroughly to remove any soil, debris, chemicals and oils. Use a mild detergent when possible.
  2. Do not store this, or other sampling equipment or net, when wet, damp or dirty.
  3. Mold, mildew and metal corrosion may occur if instruments or nets are stored wet and/or dirty.
  4. Allow the sampler to air dry thoroughly before placing in storage.

Part No. HESS WATER SAMPLER SS 304 I 316 | 316L
  Dia Height Mess Size Bucket
54982 330 mm 440 mm 243 µm 200 ml
54983 330 mm 440 mm 363 µm 200 ml
54984 330 mm 440 mm 500 µm 200 ml
54985 330 mm 440 mm 600 µm 200 ml
54986 330 mm 440 mm 1000 µm 200 ml

We produce both standard and customized Hess water sampler with variations in dia, height and volume.