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A Double-Tube Sampling Probe made of brass, this is generally used for sampling fertilizers, foods, pharmaceuticals, and other similar granular materials. The Probe is 40” (1,020 mm) in length and 1.375” (34.9 mm) in diameter. Also used for plastics, our brass probes are made to conform to USDA specifications. They are constructed from extra heavy gauge tubing for durable, time-tested sampling. These open-ended probes without partitions are more convenient to empty and are widely used by grain elevator operators for obtaining samples from truck loads. After the sample is obtained, the probe is held upright, and the sample is dumped from the handle. These probes are designated with the OH at the end of the product code.

Key Features:
Six, Nine & Eleven non-partitioned openings | Seamless, extruded brass construction | Durable, replaceable tip | Open-ended handle to easily empty total sample | 40” Double-Tube Sampling Probe, Brass.

Part No.
  Dia Slots Length Openings   Weight
56348 30 mm 3 300 mm Yes   900 g
56349 30 mm 3 600 mm Yes   1.80 kg
56350 30 mm 4 1000 mm Yes   3.00 kg
56351 30 mm 4 1200 mm Yes   3.60 kg
56352 40 mm 5 1500 mm Yes   5.00 kg
56353 40 mm 6 1700 mm Yes   5.08 kg
56354 40 mm 8 2000 mm Yes   7.00 kg